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USMST Makes Strides At WMFC 2019

USMST traveled to Riviera Maya, Mexico for the 2019 World Medical Football Championship from June 29-July 6, 2019. 21 countries from around the world participated, and USMST took big steps forward in both the Morell (Open) Cup and Vogel (Masters) Cup, as the US representative. The week featured an incredible week of soccer, medical education, and a break from our daily clinical lives. Friendship drove the event, and USMST was honored to participate in this incredible event bringing soccer-loving physicians from around the globe together.

USMST Represents at the 2019 Global Congress on Medicine and Health in Sport
The WMFC Kids Game was a highlight of the week for USMST
Ky with Ferran Morell, the father of the WMFC

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