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WMFC 2018: USMST Represents in Prague

The US Medical Soccer Team competed in the 2018 World Medical Football Championships in Prague, Czech Republic from June 30-July 7, 2018.  It was an amazing week of soccer, friendship, medical education and sightseeing in arguably the most beautiful city in Europe.  Both squads (Morell “Open” Cup, Vogel “Masters” Cup) finished in the middle of the pack, which was a step forward .  The teams played incredibly well and competed valiantly under the guidance of Coaches Kenn Schmidt Nielsen (Open team) and Roger Silveira (Masters team).   The comraderie was phenomenal and both squads clearly enjoyed the competition and bearing the fruits of months of hard work and training.  Leading busy lives as physicians often left us challenged to train, but the teamwork displayed during the week and lack of significant injuries paid dividends on the pitch.  The competition was intense, but after a week of soccer, everyone left tired but optimistic for next year!  Martin Wakeham, a pediatric intensivist from Milwaukee, WI, was selected as the “Best Goalkeeper” for the Vogel Cup, an amazing honor for the heart and soul of the squad and a testament to the defensive alignment conceived by Coach Silveira throughout the week.

In addition to the soccer, USMST represented at the “24th Global Congress on Medicine and Health in Sport”.  Five players from our team were selected to present, more than any other country.  Here were the presenters:

Dr. Chris Grysbauskas, “Well-Being in Adolescent Athletes:  A Review”

Dr. Felipe Lobelo, “Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction through Recreational Group Interventions in Adults:  A Meta Analysis”

Dr. David Machado-Aranda, “The Impact of a Prehabilitation Program on Major Abdominal Surgery”

Dr. Suraj Achar, “Hidden Danger: Vascular Injury in Sports”

Dr. Kevin Gregg, “Football and the Risk of Methicillin-Resistant Staph Aureus”


The week was incredible and the players and their families enjoyed Prague immensely.  In addition to the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, a kids match allowed our children to join their friends from around the world for an evening of soccer.  The team also enjoyed a river cruise and plenty of sightseeing.  We can’t wait to see everyone again in Cancun, Mexico for WMFC 2019!

Opening Ceremony

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