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USMST Establishes First Board of Directors

Finally, in Malmo at the conclusion of the 2012 World Championships, Team USA established it’s first Board of Directors to help guide it’s overall scope of activities, both on and off the pitch. While it is very clear that the organization needs each and every member to give as much time and efforts towards its endeavors as possible, the growing needs of the organization made it impossible for two people (Gautam and Ky) to pull together all logistics in a reasonable fashion. Additionally, given its new non-profit status, a Board of Directors would be critical to help guide activities and to maintain consistency beyond the leadership structure from year to year. In it’s first iteration, the Board of Directors was selected from its Legacy members since these players were the longest tenured within the team. Terms are for two years, and after the initial Board terms expire in 2014, the next and all future boards will be comprised of at least two members from the Legacy members and three atlarge members, at least two of whom need to have played in the previous two Championships. This allows for the inclusion of “outside” expertise if desired. The President and Secretary/ Treasurer sit on the Board, and the Board will meet at least twice annually. As it currently stands, elections of Board members will be limited to Legacy members and all players who have participated in the two Championships prior to the election to maintain some continuity. Additionally, the designation of “Legacy” currently includes only those on the 2010 team that participated in Innsbruck, Austria, however based on extensive discussions, this may change as USMST emerges from its nascent stages in the years ahead.



Gautam Nayak – President

Ky Tran – Secretary / Treasurer

Pasha Hakimzadeh

Ray Klug

Mauricio Pleitez

Quentin Ray

Amir Saz

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