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Uniform update February, 2013

I have received everyone sizes, including the new players for the 2013 WFCMT to be held in Budapest, Hungary.  I will be ordering new blue jerseys.  For those of you that were present in Sweden, you were made aware that should keep your white jersey in case that style jersey was no longer available. Luckily it is still available. I know some of you will need new white jersey. If anyone needs a white jersey besides the players that were not in Sweden, please notify me via email.


Video Presentation:


For the 2013 opening ceremony, I will need again your FULL Cooperation. I will take a 3-5 second video of each of you at the April Practice.  This time you won’t hold a ball in your hands, but you will show skills with your feet. So practice some moves worth filming. For those of you that don’t have flashy skills with your feet, practice some dance moves, worth filming. This time please no “tongue” tricks. ( This is for Robert Hosseini).


Your truly,


J. Mauricio Pleitez.

Chairman Arts and Entertainment / Fashion Coordinator.

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