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Non-Profit Activities

In late 2011, the US Medical Soccer Team became an official non-profit corporation through the state of Washington. This was an important milestone in the organization as it sets the stage for future fund raising, sponsorship and community service. Additionally, as USMST looks to begin preparations for hosting the 2015 World Championships, having a non-profit designation will allow a more fruitful organizational process for the tournament, Global Congress, CME and associated charity activities.

In this setting, USMST was approached by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to become involved in their Exercise is Medicine (EIM) initiative (exerciseismedicine.org). This program promotes exercise as a routine part of healthcare maintenance, encouraging healthcare providers to more rigorously set exercise prescriptions for patients and to follow up on progress. Comprised of soccer playing doctors, USMST was a logical fit to help promote the EIM message. This was recognized early on by Dr Roberto “Felipe” Lobelo of the Centers for Disease Control, who has diligently organized the preliminary talks for a formal collaboration. Details will emerge soon, but 2013 promises to be a year in which the scope of USMST activities will expand and evolve.

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