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Changing the Point of Attack

I have decided to share one of the training sessions that we will do, to help us work on our attacking play.

Please refer to this link:  http://lnk2ssp.com/s/yq0f

As part of our style of play, I would like for us to build up from the back, and switch the point of attack.  If we can get ourselves into a rhythm and move the ball from one side of the field to the other, it really stretches out the defending team and creates gaps for us to exploit.

This session is designed to teach us how to switch the ball and look for those gaps. I will be looking for the team to also be patient, and only go forward when things are on.  Id like to see the team recognize, when to go forward, when to be patient, when to combine quickly, when to play a long penetrating pass.  So many things in this style of play involve our team to be quick thinkers as well as having coordinated movements to open up space.

At the end of this session, we should have a better understanding of how to build up play, and more importantly, our positioning in reference to where the play is happening.  Another goal of this training session will be to get the players to be unpredictable with how we attack.  I want us to have as many options as possible when going forward, keeping the opposition wondering hat we are going to do next. A greater understanding will allow us to be able to be more creative in a game, as well as understand the correct times to exploit the opposing team to create chances and score more goals.



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