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Attacking on Offense

Our last session involved us recognizing how to build play from the back, as well as changing the point of attack, and when to attack. This session will allow our team to get repetitions in the final third, as well as different ideas to break opponents down. I would like for us to have as many ideas and to be able to change the way we attack in the flow of the game. Being dynamic as well as having the ability to attack in various ways will make it difficult for opposing teams to adjust or figure us out. We will hopefully create numerous scoring opportunities by changing the way we attack.

Here’s the link: http://lnk2ssp.com/s/1bZf

The first part of the session will be a simple shooting and finishing activity (not in the link). This will get us reps in finishing and some timing of runs, as well as some technical work with the ball to help us warm up.

In our small sided activity, we will play 3v2 in the final third. A lot of space for runs and creativity to happen. I am hoping the forwards gain a better understanding of one another and notice cues of when to make certain runs. Getting a good timing and rhythm will be important and the main goal of this exercise. We will add defenders to make the space smaller for attackers, and then more attackers to start making this as game like as possible. playing 6v4 int he final third will allow a lot of space, but also a numbers up advantage for the attacking team, creating many positive chances to go forward and different looks for the attackers.

In the game before the game, I will look at how the forwards are continuing to free themselves from marking now that a full back 4 is there for them to cope with. Are the runs still creative? Can we still create opportunities with more defenders, and can we still finish and have a mindset to go forward.

In the game I am looking to see if our attitude is to get forward. I want us to be dangerous every time we have the ball. In the last session we talked about being patient and picking times to go forward. This entire session is about players making the runs and doing the work off the ball, to get themselves into dangerous positions. It is easy to stand around and “be patient” but I want a lot of movement and hard work off the ball, to keep the opposition under pressure and aware that we are going to take the game to them. This sessions main goals are about being aggressive in the final third and finishing our opportunities when we get them!

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